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Many may noticed black and white weirdo staring in your soul from leaflets, t-shirts and mural painting at Cykel20. His name is HerrCykel. This extremely graphic character has an attitude problem, he can find funny ways of insulting you and yet be friendly. He is just your friendly neighborhood thief ( Cykel20 is a pun in Danish that can be read as "bicycle thief" and isbased on shop location).Creator behind this unusual shop mascot is Illustrator and Designer Kärt Koosapoeg. She developed unique visual identity of shop, as well made all mural paintings inside shop by herself.

We asked Kärt few questions to let get to know her a bit more. 

When you started to work on your unique signature style of artwork?

It happened around 2 years ago, summer 2014. I made a graphic that has to be printed on shirt and when I saw the outcome I liked how it turned out.

Is there influence or inspiration for your work?

I think Stefan Sagmeister influenced me the most. I get inspiration from his works for pretty long time already. I like his attitude towards design and advertisement. He was working alone and then this girl, Jessica Walsh, asked opinion from him on her portfolio and he just replied "you are hired".  And now they work together.

Why do you like his style?

I like how he makes everything in his works seamlessly fun and creative. That's is something I am aiming to myself.

Is there anything you made and can say you are proud off?

Oh, you know how creative people start to kinda hate theшr work as sщon their about to finish it *laughs*.  I am actually proud about Herr Cykel, I managed to make him fun and pun based. I love puns. As well I am proud of project that I am helping to start of now. It's called SuperNaive. This project is collaboration between me and Adam Hansel from DeadVoltage.

Please support  Kärt by checking out her social media and portfolio  links bellow

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